FAFSA Time! Here's 5 FAFSA hints and tips Studio Beauty School would like to pass on to avoid possible delays.

1) Apply. Go to www.fafsa.gov (.gov is the FREE version!). The idea that you will not receive aid is one of the biggest hold ups in receiving Federal Financial Aid. Most applicants qualify for some form of aid regardless of income and unless you apply, the Federal Government won't be able to inform you of your options.

2) Sign your FAFSA. Your FAFSA isn't complete until your FAFSA is signed. If you are a dependent your parent or guardian must also sign your FAFSA.

3) Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. This option is available on the online version found at www.fafsa.gov to enter your IRS information for you. By choosing to use this feature you can eliminate any discrepancies between your IRS tax form and the amount entered on your FAFSA. This will speed up the review process and avoid any delays related to income.

4) Review your entries for spelling or input errors. For instance, make sure your name and number match what's on your most current social security card. If not, this could delay your FAFSA funding.

5) Call the Department of Education. As soon as you learn there's an issue with your FAFSA and the solution isn't obvious then call the Department of Education using the number provided you in your FAFSA letter and they will help you - REALLY!

There's many more hints and tips provided by the Department of Education. One of the many websites to check out is found at http://blog.ed.gov/tag/financial-aid/