"Students first, salon second" - our motto.

If you are ever lucky enough to work here you will you will enjoy Studio Beauty School's positive work environment. Our motto is our way to recognize our students as our #1 customers.

Here's the background to our motto in our Director's own words. "I owned a nail salon and decided to continue my education and become a cosmetologist. I was already anxious about attending school with much younger students and concerned that I wasn't going to keep up. I selected a school and was told that they could help me attain my goal. I started and it became clear that the school was more about making money than training students. I couldn't believe that I had to carry a bucket of hot water to give a pedicure. What happened to indoor plumbing? I was surprised that I was asked to perm a clients hair within days after starting without any prior instruction. And then told in front of the client that I wasn't doing it right. This was crazy! A client would walk into the building without an appointment and I was told to work on this client during my lunch time and never getting lunch. Really? The owners and staff put me and other students down in front of clients when we were just learning and embarassed time and time again. The experience was a difficult one. Being a mature business owner it was clear that the school emphasized profit over education.

Right then, after a couple short months of attending, I thought there has to be a school that puts the student first and profit second. I quit and looked for another school that was nice to their students. But, unfortunately, all the other schools in the area had the same reputation. If there was going to be a school that puts students first it would have to be up to me to start one! So I did!

Our plan is to prepare you to service each client from the very first attempt. Our pedi-stations are safe and modern. Our school has plenty of instuctors available to assist and enjoy being both coach and cheerleader. And lunch? You will have a lunch, it's silly to even think you won't. It brings me joy every day to work with a staff that treats our students with fairness and kindness.

If this strikes you as a place you want to learn then please call us. We'd like to talk to you."

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